Why I created this web site

My professional career has spanned more than fifty years.  Throughout this time I have been a frequent beneficiary of work done by others.  The work that these “others” have done has provided me with guidelines, algorithms, design charts, software, papers, and a host of other useful tools.  In many instances the authors sought no reward beyond the personal satisfaction of a job well done, and as I progressed through my career I became increasingly aware of their contribution to the engineering profession, and increasingly grateful for it..

This web site is my small attempt to partially replenish the well from which I have drawn so copiously.  It contains some of the tools and papers I have produced over the years, and I am making these freely available under the GNU General Public License in the hope that other engineers might find them useful.

The site also contains material related to some of my non‑engineering obsessions interests, in the downloads>other section.

The banner photos

All but one of the banner photos are of the Rowley Shoals.  These are a group of three reefs (Mermaid, Clerke and Imperieuse) which are located approximately 300 kilometres west of the town of Broome on the north-west coast of Australia.  They rise directly up from the ocean floor, from depths of about 300 to 400 metres, and they provide some of the best scuba diving in the world.  The photos have no relevance to this web site, but are included here because the Rowley Shoals are among the most beautiful and pristine places I have been fortunate enough to visit.  They also serve to moisten a rather dry site.

There are ten photos, one of which is selected at random every time you change pages.  Some of the photos were provided by The Great Escape Charter Company of Broome.