About me


I am a 99.9̇ % retired structural engineer with over fifty years’ experience as an engineering mathematician/analyst.  Most of my employment has been with consulting engineering firms in Australia, supplemented by a couple of early years in a similar role working in England for an English firm.  I have also worked for software development firms.

Key skills and experience

During my career I have aimed to combine analytical and design skills in engineering with knowledge of computer technology.  This experience has given me a broad understanding of engineering software and its application.  It has also given me knowledge of the capabilities, the potential, and the limitations of computer technology in general.

As an engineer, I consider myself something of a specialist in advanced structural analysis techniques, including non linear behaviour and structural dynamics.  My general analytical skills have been honed over many years, and have been applied not only to engineering problems, but also to problems in other areas such as mathematics, economics, environmental science, statistics, and planning.

In information technology, my combination of skills has enabled me to specialise in the application of computer technology to the solution of technical and managerial problems.  I have also acquired practical knowledge of the range of software tools available in many of the varying fields of engineering, through a combination of direct use, provision of support services, and actual software development.

Publications and conference papers

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