Other sites

There are many websites out there offering free spreadsheets or other software for structural engineers.  I am aiming to list some of them here.  Note, however, that the inclusion of a site in this list should NOT be construed as any form of recommendation or endorsement from me.  As the Ancient Romans used to say about their software, “caveat emptor”:  a dictum that should be assumed to apply all the more when the price is zero.

Some software items (hopefully including mine) will be listed on multiple of these sites.  Annoying to you, no doubt, but pretty much inevitable given the way the internet works.

The list is very short at the moment.  I intend to build it up gradually.  If you have any suggestions for further inclusions please send them to me.

This site, run by Damian Janicki, contains a mixture of free and commercial spreadsheets.  To get to the listing of free spreadsheets, go to the Knowledge Corner page, then click on the Free Software bullet point.

This site, run by Doug Jenkins, contains a blog and advice on how to develop good spreadsheets, as well as a collection of free spreadsheets for engineering (and other) purposes.  The best way to get to the listing of spreadsheets is via the Downloads by category page.

CESDb is an organization that claims to be “founded by engineers for engineers, to provide a database of free or shareware civil engineering software”.  It certainly boasts a heap of software, quite a lot of which is in spreadsheet form.  However not all of this is free.

E  n  d      o  f      l  i  s  t